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Google Camera v6.3 Update Shift to Night Sight App’s Home Screen

Hyderabad:Google Camera v6.3 Update has unique features and will attract the attention of the consumers in many ways. It’s market entry will indeed be remarkable. It is worth buying. Google is on the lookout to give the Google Camera app a minor, a rather useful makeover. It is indeed quite surprising rather been moved to the Google Camera that an unreleased build of the Google Camera app’s next version has indeed leaked online and has brought forth a few UI changes. The Night Sight mode has pp’s home page or of course to the main interface. Also, the screen flash feature has indeed provided with a new nomenclature and the white balance control has been removed from the camera UI. The updated build of the Google Camera app is now rather available to download via a third-party Android app repository and does work just fine. The leaked Google Camera app build, which happens to carry the version number 6.3, was rather reportedly set to arrive with the next beta build of Android Q. In the Google Camera app’s updated version, the much-vaunted Night Sight Mode has of course been shifted to the app’s main screen and can be accessed by swiping right twice. The relocation of Night Sight to the app’s home screen does come at the cost of Panorama mode, which has now been moved to the ‘More’ page, sitting at the same spot where Night Sight was located earlier. But even though Night Sight has been rather moved to the Google Camera App’s home screen, the app still does show up the Night Sight recommendation when it happens to detect a low light scenario. Another change that does come with Google Camera v6.3 Update is the build which is more of the renaming of the screen flash feature. The name of this selfie feature has been changed from ‘Flash’ to ‘Illumination’ in Google Camera v6.3 Update. Lastly, the white balance control has rather been dropped off as well. One can download the updated build of Google Camera v6.3 Update from APKMirror and it is sans bugs.   The post Google Camera v6.3 Update Shift to Night Sight App’s Home Screen appeared first on Telugu Bullet.