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Telangana, AP to get new Governors.


What’s behind the news of the change of the governors of viral among social media?
The constitution of the state of affairs, except for the highest status, is why the debate about governors who are not familiar with governance.
There are very deep reasons for this.
For the last decade, the Presidents and Governors have not been completely away from politics.
Pranab Mukherjee is also a member of the RSS. After the retirement of the President and participation in the activities of the RSS.
Some people say that Governor Narasimhan played a significant role during the Telangana movement is not the least.
The parties believe that the information to get a full understanding of the situation in the states.
That is why the surreal positions offered to the seniors or senior leaders
Political analysts believe that the parties are spreading rumors on social media to give them a favorable atmosphere.

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